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Multi TBI Couch

The MultiTBI Couch is an ELSE Solutions product device for “Total Body” irradiation using a linear accelerator and it allows the patient to be positioned in both the supine and lateral positions (with a special accessory).

The table top is completely built in plexiglass, it allows the use of Vacuum-type cushions, for lateral positioning an insert is available that allows positioning both on the right and left side.

The height adjustment of the system takes place by means of a double piston with electric movement.

The device is easy to move thanks to the swivel wheels suitable for high loads.

The anchoring to the floor, as well as by means of the block of the four independent wheels, can be done by means of a floor pin to be made at the time of installation.

The two telescopic columns retract to a minimum height (320 mm) with a wide range of height (up to 600 mm) to improve patient accessibility without compromising the positioning suitable for carrying out the therapy.

The front wall can slide from top to bottom, also performing the function of beam spoiler.

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