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Radionuclidic Purity

MUCHA-PET spectrometer configuration is specifically designed for radionuclidic purity evaluation of PET radiopharmaceuticals in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia and American FDA guidelines.

In order to optimize the resolution and detection efficiency on the whole 0 to 2 MeV energy spectrum the system is configured with a NaI(Tl) 3” x 3” full crystal detector and a 5 cm thick top load well shielding.

GINA Star control software includes advanced functions for QA, calibration, acquisition, visualization and data processing, and specific functions to perform automatic measures in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia and American FDA guidelines.

The system includes an automatic Method to perform quantitative evaluation of long life impurities, providing the result as a percentage of the initial activity, corrected for the efficiency curve and background (i.e. result for FDG must be below 0.1%).

Instrument IQ/OQ validations are available, beside OQ validation for the quantitative evaluation Method.


MUCHA spectrometer is also available for a wide set of applications with different detector and shielding configurations.

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