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Peptides & Radiometals (Ga-68)


Automatic synthesizer for peptides and radio-metals (68Ga, 90Y, 177Lu, 89Zr, 64Cu, …) featuring disposable non-proprietary cassettes, Kit conditioning and test before the synthesis, automatic filter integrity test and automatic batch record generation, compatible with all Ga-68 generators.



Can be used for labelling a variety of peptides and radiometals.


GMP Compliant inexpensive disposable kits

Ease of operation due to unique Work-Bench-Design.

Facilitates GMP compliance.

Reduced running cost.


Built In Self Test procedures

Unit self test on start up.

Cassette leakage test prior to every synthesis.

automated sterile filter integrity test after production.


Validated operating procedures

Validated, proven.

Compliant IQ/OQ according to GMP.


High conductivity reactor system

High speed heating and cooling.

Outstanding temperature control.


Integrated radiation monitors

Real time process monitoring.


Automated elution

Works with Ge/Ga generator from all suppliers, ITG, EZ, IDB etc.


Peristaltic pump

Doesn’t require any gases, easier installation.


Touch Tablet-PC Control

User friendly interface, single button operation.

Easy cleaning in clean room.


User specified level of purification

Fractional elution.

Trapping of Ga.

Combination of both.


Self Shielded optional available

For the use outside of a Hot-Cell.

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