InterWinner is a universal quantitative and qualitative analysis software for nuclear spectrometry, extremely advanced and easy to use.

InterWinner is able to manage up to 32 acquisition channels and allows you to analyze data from multiple types of detectors, such as HpGe, NaI and LaBr, Alpha, CZT, Alpha/Beta counting systems, WBC etc..

InterWinner allows to interface with most of the hardware on the market and to process different spectrum formats (e.g. .DAT, .SPC, .CHN, .RMS, .SPM…).

The user interface of InterWinner, based on multiple and simultaneous display of several windows, offers the possibility to show up to 1024 different spectra, as well as an unlimited number of regions of interest of any single spectrum.

The analysis operations of each spectrum, such as the peak search function, can be performed and updated even during the acquisition itself, while new data are acquired.

InterWinner also allows easy management of all auxiliary files, such as customizable isotope libraries, efficiency energy and resolution calibration curves, output files and acquisition parameters.

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