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Installation, training and service

ELSE Solutions S.r.l. service structure is composed of a highly qualified staff of physicists, engineers, and specialized technicians, trained and certified through periodic refresher courses to guarantee the highest professionalism and reliability during installation, training, maintenance and service on all represented brands and internal production technology.

IQ OQ PQ Validations

ELSE. service staff is trained, qualified and certified to perform IQ (Installation Qualification and Requalification), OQ (Operational Qualification), PQ (Performance Qualification) for all represented brands and internal production technology.


Thanks to the decades-long experience in supplying and developing solutions for Medical and Industrial fields, ELSE. commercial and technical staff provide consultancy services in a wide set of application areas: radiation detection, radioprotection and shielding, quality control, upgrade of Nuclear Medicine diagnostic equipments (i.e. from NON DICOM to DICOM), hospital information technology, with capability to develop customized solutions for each application field.