Adaptiiv is a 3D technological platform suitable for Oncological Radiotherapy. It provides solutions to facilitate the customization of treatments through the procurement, design, development and delivery of 3D printed devices.

Conventional bolus is not able to accommodate or correct complex anatomical irregularities: they can have air cavities with the skin, causing underdosing at the target volume.
This is why Adaptiiv is the solution to the challenges currently faced in the manufacture and use of radiotherapy accessories:
– Ability to design fully customizable accessories using information already obtained from the patient’s CT scan data;
– Automated device manufacturing;
– Increased dose accuracy;
– Ability to produce devices on demand
– Improved workflow.

The software is able to convert DICOM data taken from patients’ CT scans into a digital model that can be printed, no matter how large, small or complex. No intensive training is required to use the software that integrates fully with existing treatment planning systems.
3D printers and materials will be provided. Centers do not need to outsource patient data to external systems to create devices: when the hardware is combined with the following software, the centers are able to treat patients immediately within the company and quickly adapt to treatment changes. In addition, the printers undergo a rigorous quality control process.
The 3D bolus, or applicators for surface brachytherapy treatments, are designed to adapt perfectly to individual body shapes. Recommended filaments pass through a unique control process for printing medical devices. In addition, the devices are printed from recycled plastic.

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