Reliable patient identification is crucial in radiotherapy. Every radiotherapy patient is different, so treatment can vary enormously in terms of dosage and location on the body. This means that it is essential to correctly identify each patient and ensure they receive the correct treatment.

Together with the Radiotherapy group in Arnhem, Cablon Medical has made another step forward with use of a palm scan connected to the accelerator.

Comparison of biometric measurement methods:

After a lot of research, a special scanner has been chosen to measure the vascular bed. This blood vessel pattern is unique to each person. A palm scan is even more accurate than identification based on other biometric data, such as a fingerprint or an iris scan. The false acceptance rate of a palm scan is 100 times lower than a fingerprint scan.

In addition, a palm scan can be applied more widely, because it is suitable for all patients. For example, medication does not affect the palm scan, while a fingerprint, for example under the influence of chemotherapy, may temporarily disappear.

Benefits of the CNERGY Go!:

  • Is fast, non-invasive and very accurate;
  • Prevents treatment of the wrong patient;
  • Connects with the R&V system and accelerator;
  • Is fully integrated into the existing workflow of radiotherapy centres;
  • Is fast, non-invasive and very accurate;
  • Has an optional waiting room module with patient information provisions;
  • Is hygienic because of the contact-free operation;
  • Enables an organisation to maintain records for compliance purposes.For further informations related to the product please fill the specific form or click on the link below:

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