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Shielded Container with Cart

Shielded container with cart to safely store and move Hospital radioactive waste, radioactive sources, and high radiopharmaceutical doses, i.e. to move I-131 doses for radiometabolic therapy to hospitalization or administration rooms.

The cart is entirely made of easily decontaminable AISI 304 satin finish stainless steel, featuring a support base with side holders to firmly hold the shielded container, a tubular stainless steel handle, and N. 4 no-trace rubber wheels with brakes.

The shielded container is entirely made of easy decontaminable AISI 304 satin finish stainless steel with encapsulated 30 mm lead shielding in all directions, featuring a fully removable cover with two side handles, and an additional circular central-top opening on the cover with one handle to allow fast and easy insertion and removal of the radioactive material.

Radioactive labelling according to law.

Construction Material: 3 mm easily decontaminable AISI 304 stainless steel satin finish

Lead shielding: 30 mm in all directions

Shielded container internal size: mm 330 x 330 x 420 h

Shielded container external size: mm 420 x 420 x 500 h

Central-top circular opening size: mm 200 diameter

Central-top circular opening weight: < 15 Kg

System total size including cart: mm 700 x 550 x 900 h

System total weight including cart: 380 Kg

Shipping weight and size: 1000 x 1000 x 1100 h, 430 Kg

NOTE: a new design with some optimizations has been recently completed: 1) the central-top opening on the cover is now circular with 200 mm diameter to reduce the central-top opening weight below 15 Kg, 2) the cart support base has been optimized (smoother) to allow easier decontamination.

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