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Co-57 Flood

Biactive Co-57 Flood sources for calibration and quality control of uniformity and energy of Gamma Camera systems, available in various shapes, sizes and activity according to the standards defined by manufacturers of diagnostic systems.

Flood sources are made by a uniform distribution of Co-57 chloride on a layer of resin encapsulated in welded ABS.

All Flood sourecs are subjected to strict quality controls to highlight the technical parameters of differential and integral uniformity (this last one <= 2.5%, typically ± 1.7%), and impurities of Co-56 and Co-58, which at the time of shipment are less than 12:08%.

Sources are tested on both sides in accordance with IEEE / ANSI standards.

Sources are provided with an innovative shielding bag with handle, providing a shielding equivalent to the traditional suitcases, but much smaller in size and weight, and extremely more practical to store and to handle: the shield in direct contact with the source is much less voluminous than traditional suitcases and consequently much lighter.

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