Symona Series

The automatic multiple point air monitoring system allows to automatically sample and measure air radioactive contamination from multiple physical points, i.e. air extraction ducts and rooms, with a very high sensitivity (< 1 Bq/l) on the energy range from 12 KeV to 2 MeV.

The system includes two functional groups:

  • the sampling and measuring unit
  • the acquisition and processing unit

The sampling and measuring unit is mainly composed by NaI(Tl) detector, 3 liters Marinelli Beaker, 10 cm lead shielding, air sampling pump, flowmeter for air flow control and adjustment and a set of valves for automatic multiple point sampling.

The acquisition and processing unit is composed by a mobile rack with power supply, signal processing electronics, and a control unit with 19” LCD display with Ethernet interface for remote control.

Available in two versions, with a single channel analyzer and with a multi-channel analyzer.


EL.SE. Production – Made in Italy

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