The AIRE-10 monitoring system allows to follow the time progress of radiation levels in order to assess the safety status of the environments where sampling takes place.

The sampling and detection unit consists of a NaI probe inserted in a 3-liter Marinelli beacker, a 10cm-thick lead shield, an air pump, electrovalves for automatic sampling in each connected room (max. 8 different sampling points).

The high efficiency of the NaI detector, combined with the lead shielding, allows to achieve an MDA (Minimum Detectable Activity) value for the 511 keV emission of F-18 of less than 1 Bq/l in 5 minutes measurement.

Data processing is done through software where thresholds can be set and graphs and alarms are displayed. All data are saved on a database that can be accessed through queries.

Data processed by the AIRE-10 system can also be viewed on the SmartEye WEB platform.

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