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Convection oven for thermoplastic

AirFlow Oven by ELSE Cod. XEFT-03FS-EGDN-SN

No more water to soften the thermoplastic materials used for fixation in Radiotherapy and no more problems related to the risk of water spillage or to be burned, the convection oven is dry and it doesn’t require any special maintenance.
No more cross-contamination risks, no more residues and no more demineralized water reservoirs.
The time of preheating is about 2 min so no problem if you forget to switch on the oven in advance and in a couple of mins you will have the thermoplastic ready to be used.
The control of the temperature is as efficient as ever and the homogeneity of the heating inside the oven is the best also thanks to the fun continuous action.
The internal dimensions are 696 x 463 x 255 mm and they allow to heat large masks as well as more than one at the same time or moldable cushions thanks to the customized three grids provided with the oven. The grids are Teflon coated and the thermoplastic does not stick on them, they can be extracted from the oven for a better access to each internal part.

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