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MARK-50 (PET Applications)

MARK-50 comes from the study of the main operations of radiolabelling performed by operators of Nuclear Medicine and PET Departments.

The main strengths of the isolator are:
– Class “A” work area with 50 mm shielding which ensures maximum operator protection during the operations of elution, fractionation and calibration of high energy radiopharmaceuticals.
– The work area can accommodate both a synthesis module and an automatic dose fractionator.
– Worktop that allows convenient handling of Gamma Emitting radiopharmaceuticals thanks to the retractable anti-drip edges, so that the whole worktop is perfectly coplanar with the doors closed.
– Shielded main pre-chamber in class “B”, suitable for hosting a synthesis module or up to two Ge-68/Ga-68 generators.
– Shielded and class “B” pre-chambers for waste and for the entry and exit of materials.
– Wide screen visual.

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