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Gating respiratory system

The AZ-733VI gating system, manufactured by ANZAI MEDICAL, monitors the patient’s respiratory cycle through a sensor, either a load cell mounted on a belt, or alternatively through the reflection of a laser pointed at the patient’s chest. The encoding of this signal into a breathing curve, to which a gating is applied, is sent to the diagnostic scanner, allowing an increase in resolution and a decrease in artefacts in the acquired image.
Compared with other conventional gating techniques, with the Anzai system it is possible to reduce the output time of the gating signal from the detection of breathing by up to a quarter, in the order of 25 ms as the time interval between the detection of the breathing movement and the output of the gating signal.

The Anzai system is also mobile and can be interfaced to a variety of machines, both radiotherapy accelerators and diagnostic scanners.

The new ABLE (Anzai Breath Learning Equipment) device is linked to the AZ-733VI respiratory gating system.
It is a monitor to stabilise the patient’s breathing, designed for breath couching (free breath, breath hold).
Through the use of the tablet (optionally placed inside a viewer or fixed on a stand), the patient is told by a recorded voice when to inhale, hold and exhale, while the depth of breath is visually indicated through the movement of a ball that rises and falls on the tablet monitor.



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