CAB-IIA Laminar Flow

CAB-IIA is a shielded fume hood for manipulation of radiopharmaceuticals used in Nuclear Medicine, and is equipped with vertical laminar flow, biological safety (BIOHAZARD), Class II according to EN 12469, in “Class 100” (M 3.5) according to US Federal Standard 209e or ISO Class 3 (@ 0.3 and 0.5 μm) according to UNI EN ISO 14644-1.
The sliding front shield ensures operator protection and allows you to perform elution, fractionation and calibration operations with maximum ergonomics.
The large work surface allows the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals of the Emitting Range, and the lower area can be configured with a calibrator compartment, a waste compartment, a generator compartment with or without automatic movement of the generators.
The hood is available with three levels of shielding, and different options in the lower area, such as generator compartment, calibrator compartment and waste compartment.

ELSE Solutions Production – Made in Italy

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