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H3D, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of spectrometers, also with imaging capabilities, indispensable in emergency situations (CBRNe) and nuclear facilities: more than 75% of nuclear facilities in the U.S. use H3D instrumentation.

The spectrometers of the P series are characterized by a CZT detector with extremely high energy resolution (< 1.1% @ 662 keV) that allows to identify radionuclides with emissions in the range 50 keV – 3 MeV in a very short time, operating at room temperature.

Compton imaging technology allows to superimpose the image taken by a camera with the radiological information for photons of energy between 250 keV and 3 MeV. In this way it is possible to identify in a short time the position and nature of a radioactive source.

The P series instruments are characterized by a collimated field of view with 60° aperture that allows to identify a source of minor activity in an environment characterized by high dose rates.

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