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The Basic RC2PLUS automatically sets an alarm threshold over the total background count rate average upon each
startup. This allows the RC2PLUS to detect very low radiation levels even when hidden by shielding such as
scrap metal, waste, or other dense material. The RC2PLUS utilizes a large internal, high grade PVT scintillator to
maximize sensitivity.
The Advanced RC2PLUS utilizes both a PVT scintillator and a Geiger-Mueller tube to perform “Region Of Interest”(ROI)
Analysis which allows the operator to see the distributed gamma energies in a histogram form. Once the ROI ranges
are selected, a specific alarm threshold can be set for each ROI. This unique technology dramatically increases
sensitivity while decreasing the adverse effects of “noise” caused by ambient background radiation. The RC2PLUS
provides many additional features such as Does Rate Alarm, Data Storage, and Graph Plotting.

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