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Joker-5 V3 Dispensing System

JOKER-5-V3 is a fully automatic system for dispensing liquid radiotracers from multi-dose Vials to 5 ml or 10 ml Patient Syringes, controlled by an intuitive Web-Based and User-Friendly Synoptic interface.

The system is continuously measuring the syringe during the dispensing using a Medical Device Dose Calibrator, allowing to certify the prepared syringe to be injected according to the law in force.

The system takes as input the activity to be prepared at the requested time, and the final volume of the syringe, then it transfers the required activity to the syringe and brings it to the desired volume adding saline solution. An artificial intelligence algorithm is used to increase next preparation accuracy.

Unique features of this compact system are: measure of the syringe activity in a Medical Device Dose Calibrator without the syringe shield for the maximum measuring accuracy, delivery of the prepared syringe inside the tungsten syringe shield for maximum operator radioprotection, zero loss of radioactivity (the whole Mother Vial activity is only used for preparations), fastness ad easiness of use, Patient Kits can be operated with one hand, very high accuracy, User-Friendly Web based Synoptic Interface.

ELSE Solutions Production – Made in Italy

(Patent number 102021000019622 dated July the 23rd 2021).

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