IRIS, manufactured by Itech Instruments, is a portable spectrometer consisting of a probe and a display unit that can be used either as a single compact instrument or in a setup in which the probe is placed at a distance and connected to the display unit via a cable of appropriate length.
The acquisition unit consists of a color touchscreen display and can be easily controlled by 5 buttons that allow you to operate the instrument with one hand.
IRIS allows to search for radioactive sources providing appropriate alarms in case of exceeding thresholds on the count rate set by the user. The instrument allows also to acquire spectra and to identify radionuclides thanks to the integrated isotope library. All spectra can be archived and exported on a USB key.
IRIS can be equipped with NaI 2 “x2” detector or high efficiency NaI 3 “x3” detector, or with LaBr 1.5 “x1.5” detector for high resolution spectrometry.

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