SmartEye-Web is a complete Web Based platform, flexible, expandible, Windows compatible, on Client-Server architecture, for advanced applications in radiation monitoring for Nuclear Medicine, PET, and Radiometabolic Therapy, allowing to view and to process data coming from all the probes connected to the system, and to control in real time the whole radiation monitoring network form a Remote Control Station (concentrator PC) through Ethernet connection.

The software allows to display simultaneously till to 40 probes of different types, and is featuring six visualization pages: Summary Page, Site Map, Events Page, Real Time Graph, History View and Measurement Functions.

It is possible to perform statistical analysis on the desired set of data and to export data to text files for a next analysis on spreadsheets (i.e. Excel).

The system can handle a virtually unlimited number of probes for measuring radiation of different types, such as:

  • All-In-One probes consisting of Geiger-Muller detector and integrated alarm column
  • EASY display and control unit connected to Geiger-Muller probe model TDM
  • EASY display and control unit connected to proportional counter
  • Different neutron detector solutions
  • AIRE air monitoring system

The Web Based technology allows to access SmartEye software from any PC on the Hospital network.

ELSE Solutions Production – Made in Italy

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