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Low-Medium Energy Syringe

The Pro-Tec Unit Dose Pig accommodates the most commonly used conventional and safety-engineered syringes. The lead components are fully encapsulated in durable Lexan, making this unit rugged and easy to clean. A single twist to open or close reduces loading/unloading time. The overlap design eliminates streaming regardless of the dose’s position inside the pig.

A replaceable O-ring protects against leakage. Complete encapsulation of lead components in high-impact Lexan protects the lead shielding from physical damage during handling. The durable Lexan will not be damaged by automatic washing systems. Smooth plastic surfaces make the application and removal of adhesive labels easy. This product is designed to comply with IATA and DOT II requirements when transported in an appropriate shipping container.

Innovative and cost effective, the Pro-Tec™ Unit Dose Pig will help improve the safety and efficiency of radiopharmaceutical handling procedures.

Pro-Tec™ shielding for safety syringes will help pharmacies and clinics adhere to ALARA principles and improve compliance with OSHA directives – without compromising efficiency.

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