The ORION multichannel analyzer, manufactured by ITECH Instruments, is equipped with a high voltage generator and 100Mhz Analog to Digital converter working at 16 bit sampling. It allows to acquire spectra with resolution up to 65.536 channels for Germanium detectors and can be used in two modes: as Stand-Alone multichannel with automatic saving of acquired spectra operating on a 3,5″ Touch Screen frontal display, or managed by InterWinner software.

The ORION multichannel is equipped with a high voltage board. The board allows the management of positive and negative voltage, from +6KV to -6KV or from +2KV to -2KV depending on the type of detector used.

The ORION multichannel integrates the digital oscilloscope function for the control of the peak shape and the optimal adjustment of the acquisition parameters and is compatible with the different types of preamplifiers (RC and TRP) mounted on HPGe detectors.

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