Blood Cell Labeling

ISO5-BCL is a state of art laminar flow pharmaceutical grade shielded isolator, fully decontaminable, specifically designed for blood cell labelling applications in Nuclear Medicine, having following main features:

  • ISO 5, Class A manipulation area, integrated UV lamps
  • front side with double layer safety lead glass opening upward by counterbalanced safety gas springs
  • Class B side pre-chamber with Interlock
  • state of art Siemens Touch-Screen control unit with Ethernet interface and VPN support
  • pedal control of pre-chamber internal door for easy operation
  • collection system for cleaning and decontamination liquids through a drain valve on the working area
  • collection system for solid radioactive waste
  • compliance with GMP, GLP, GAMP, NBP, CFR21 guidelines
  • IQ/OQ validations included

EL.SE. ITECO Production – Made in Italy

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