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Hoffman 3D Brain

Main Features

Anatomically accurate simulation of radioactivity distribution for brain SPECT and brain PET studies* and distribution of proton density and relaxation parameters for brain MRI studies.„

Simulates 4:1 uptake ratio (by partial volume effect) seen for normal gray and white matter in flow and metabolic studies.

Single fillable chamber eliminates the necessity of preparing different concentrations of radioactivity.

Fillable and solid defects for basil ganglia region available.


Main Applications „

Evaluation of acquisition and reconstruction methods for brain ECT studies. „

Evaluation of 3-D reconstruction methods. „

Evaluation of 3-D attenuation and scatter compensation methods. „

Evaluation of 3-D SPECT, PET and MRI registration techniques.„



3D Brain Phantom Solid Defects Set

Hot and cold defects can be located in the basil ganglia region. „

Allows user to determine image shape of the defect.

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