Tabletop P36 Series

Suitable to be used with standard waste plastic bags for normal radioactive waste or in combination with rigid plastic containers with maximum external size 185 x 185 x 195 h mm for sharp radioactive waste (i.e. contaminated needles).

P36 series tabletop shields are entirely made of AISI 304 satin finish stainless steel, featuring a removable cover with handles and a 55 mm diameter shielded hole with a manual opening handle and an automatic spring closing mechanism for quick introduction of contaminated waste.

Available with different beta and gamma shielding depending on used isotopes, external dimension mm 223 x 213 x 230 h (without handles).

P36-10PX 10 MM PLEXIGLASS SHIELDING, BETA, I.D. mm 199 x 189 x 196 h, weight 16 Kg
P36-02PB 02 MM LEAD SHIELDING, GAMMA, I.D. mm 215 x 205 x 212 h, weight 17 Kg
P36-05PB 05 MM LEAD SHIELDING, GAMMA, I.D. mm 209 x 199 x 206 h, weight 27 Kg
P36-07PB 07 MM LEAD SHIELDING, GAMMA, I.D. mm 205 x 195 x 202 h, weight 34 Kg

EL.SE. Production – Made in Italy

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