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Hospital Waste Release

SARA is a compact System for the Automatic Release Authorization of radioactive Hospital waste containers waiting for decay below the legal threshold in order to be released as normal waste.

The threshold for radioactivity concentration is a configurable parameter depending on local specific regulations, 1 Bq/gram in Europe.

The system is able to determine with very high sensitivity the activity concentration of Hospital waste containers and to decide if these can be released or still need to be stored for additional decay.

The external structure is entirely made of AISI 304 easy decontaminable stainless steel, the base is hosting a high precision digital balance for the accurate measure of the waste weight, and the vertical panel is hosting a high sensitivity plastic scintillator with signal processing electronics and lead shielding on all sides except the one facing the waste container in order to reduce the background and to increase the sensitivity of the measure.

Selectable calibration factors allow to use different measuring geometries for different containers.

The system is controlled through a microprocessor with LCD Touch-Screen and user friendly interface on the top of the vertical panel, results are provided both as a total count rate in Bq and as activity concentration in Bq/g.

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