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PM5 – 2NaI

The PM5-2NaI is a gamma radiation detector produced by ELSE SOLUTIONS. Its purpose is to identify radiometric anomalies in different situations from waste control to scrap metal monitoring. The PM5-2NaI is equipped with a control unit with alarm management and a NaI(Tl) detector housed in a robust aluminium case. The unit of measurement and the alarm level can be programmed using the function keys.
The PM5 acquisition unit is equipped with an alphanumeric display that continuously indicates the count rate and the integral measurement; the values are updated every second and show the moving average of the previous 5 seconds to make the measurement more stable. The detector is sealed in an anodized aluminium case with a high degree of protection and insulated against temperature changes.
The PM5-2NaI radiation detector is compact and equipped with a handle for easy handling of the instrument. A telescopic rod with a maximum length of 2 metres is available as an option for remote measurement of objects that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

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