Monitoring dose delivery with 3D in vivo dosimetry

Based on EPID (Electronic Portal Imaging Device), EPIgrayenables health professionals to catch a patient’s dose deviation during their treatment course and to identify exactly the root causes of errors.

Equipped with 3D views and DVH graphics, EPIgray offers an in situ display that lets you visualize the differences between a predicted dose and a reconstructed dose, according to a 3D analysis of the patient’s anatomy, all within your hospital network .

  • Automatic detection of errors for the Target Volume:
    – Dose deviation for the entire fraction, based on tolerance levels
    – DVH difference between expected dose and projected transit dose back
    – Better assessment of treatment quality, fraction after fraction about delivery error, patient setup, anatomical changes, etc .;


  • Dose volume analysis for organs at risk:

– DVH comparison: predicted dose vs. reconstructed dose
– Indicators of error positions and their severity, volume by volume;

  • 3D Beam analysis:
    – Color coded deviations projected onto the beam portal image
    – Beam’s Eye View display in the 3D patient anatomy for each beam;


  • Dose monitoring with EPIgray Web:
    – Instant alert according to the value of the reconstructed dose, based on automatic control points
    – Access to results and reports anytime, anywhere
    – Follow-up of all dose controls for each patient
    – Full details on the error related to the user-defined control points for the entire fraction and per beam;


  • Automated patient QA:
    – Intelligent and independent vendor workflow
    – Compatibility with any LINAC, EPID, TPS and R&V
    – Compatibility with the main techniques: 3DCR, IMRT and VMAT.

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