Providing fast and automated pretreatment beam check without phantom or hybrid plan.

Based on the use of EPID (Electronic Portal Imaging Device), EPIbeam is a web-based software to check external radiotherapy beams in pretreatment conditions.

It automatically compares the delivered dose with the planned dose, computed by the TPS. Prior to the patient’s first fraction, it ensures the right dose delivery, correct MLC & machine functioning and integrity of data transfer.

It drastically reduces the time spent on beam controls compared to phantom-based methods, making the systematic pretreatment controls now possible!

  • User-friendly Dashboard:

– Instant and automatic results, anytime and anywhere

– Drill-down QA outcome display & pass/fail statuses

            – Intuitive navigation with task assistance pictograms;


  • To-Do-List Management & Update Notifications:

           – Quick setting of control protocols for new plans

– Real-time follow-up of control progress

– Final control status approval;


  • Customization of Pretreatment Controls:

           – Multi-criteria indicators: gamma-index, absolute and relative dose difference, histogram

– User-defined tolerances

– Predefined and customizable control protocols;


  • Smart and Vendor-neutral Workflow:

– Smart portal image acquisition without phantom

– No calculation of hybrid plan

– Automatic dose comparison and workflow

– Compatibility with any LINAC, EPID, TPS and R&V.

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