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(Italiano) FLIR identiFINDER R400

The FLIR identiFINDER R400 is the most widely deployed handheld radiation detection and identifi cation product in the world. At half the size and weight of competitive RIDs, radionuclide identifi cation devices, the R400 helps operators feel comfortable using the instrument even in the most hazardous and stressful environments. Operators use
the handheld R400 to detect, quickly locate, measure, and identify the source of radioactive material. Like other identiFINDER R-series products, the R400 contains on-board Bluetooth, web server, and GPS technologies and produces rapid visible, audible, and tactile alerts that expedite response measures. The common operating interface reduces
training time and costs, while increasing operator confidence and interoperability between agencies using FLIR products. The identiFINDER R400 provides operators the ideal balance of size and weight for a wide variety of monitoring scenarios including all-purpose surveying, emergency response, and environmental monitoring. As the only RID with a true underwater variant to withstand up to 10 meters of water indefinitely (IP68), and with over 20,000 devices deployed globally, it is the most trusted RID in the world.

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